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    new here, want to be a supporting member

    how can I do this, I've tried through site but it'll only go by paying paypal an that shit is'nt for me.PM me
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    Will Bukowski ever be properly translated to film?

    factotum is the better of adaptions by far, tales was crude and barfly was muddy~or was all that me
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    John Turturro nod to Bukowski

    wow, something of his that i'll be watching soon(John Turturro new film)
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    if buk did go on the path with a rich chick, than I think thats what would have been for him, good thing he had no care in that shit saw the free 1st episode of californication off the L word dvd 4th season, i liked it, it reminded me of hank
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    nu blood thats rotten like rust

    on the chalk board the teacher i'd like to fuck oh how a dream while in bed yank on my cock and think sweet thoughts about her I wonder how hairy her pussy is or could it be shaven ~i'm new, what do people of that, i'm also wondering if someone could help me write better poems an shit, if...
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    Factotum second time around

    my favorite can't get any better comedy from buk like that watched it 5x and love it what does jazz fit into any pt of bukowski ???? he like classical not jazz
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    Recommended Bukowski books for newbie

    by far, to me it be The Days Run Away Like Wild Horses Over The Hills then 2nd would be notes of a dirty old man but who knows what's the best, who knows