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  1. grahamcooke

    Off Topic: The Forum Interface

    Just a quick question, is there a way in this forum to view a list of threads in which you have written a message? (To view replies etc) Can't find it if it's there for some reason... It's on the other couple of forums I am a member of. Thanks, G.
  2. grahamcooke

    Richard Dawkins

    What do you think of Richard Dawkins? G.
  3. grahamcooke

    You Kissed Lilly

    On the new ecco editions, the list of Buk's books has been reduced, but includes "You Kissed Lilly" (1978). According to the book this is available from ecco, but I can't find it. What is it and is it available? Thanks, G.
  4. grahamcooke

    The Best Hotel On Skid Row

    In an interview with Mary Ann Swissler in 1990 (Sunlight Here I Am, p258-9), there is mention of a HBO documentray called "The Best Hotel On Skid Row" which Bukowski narrated. Apparently it was also screened at Cannes. It's listed on IMDB. Has anyone seen this? Is it still available anywhere...
  5. grahamcooke

    Desert Island Dozen

    I'm interested in asking, specifically because this isn't a music-based discussion board, what would your desert island dozen albums be? (We can do desert island books later). What do you like to listen to? My rough dozen, in no order, off the top my my head go something like this...
  6. grahamcooke

    Factotum second time around

    I'm not exactly a film guru, but I watch a lot of movies and I know what I like. Just saw Factotum again last night, and I still think it's a very good movie. It came across as possibly more European in style than Barfly. It's slow, there's a lot of long scenes where little actually happens...
  7. grahamcooke

    Books about Bukowski

    Can anyone recommend books, though not necessarily biographies, about Buk? I have: Sunlight Here I Am ? David Stephen Calonne (interviews spanning thirty years, excellent) Drinking With Bukowski ? Daniel Weizmann (essays about Buk, some good, some not very good) Laughing With The...
  8. grahamcooke

    The Better Movie (poll)

    vote away
  9. grahamcooke

    Factotum vs. Barfly/Best Actor to Play an Older Buk

    I never really thought of comparing these two movies until I saw the scene both movies share, where Henry meets Wanda and they go to the liquor store, get a couple of six packs... etc. How well do you feel Factotum translated Buk's writing style to film? And how does that compare to what...
  10. grahamcooke

    The New Poems

    Hello. I've been a Bukowski fan for years, first discovered him by mistake in a bookshop I used to work in etc etc etc... I now have most of his books. Having talked to several different people about the posthumous publications, I'd like to get a few opinions on them. I have Bone Palace...