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  1. HarryC13

    New chapbook, The Insomnia Poems, from Harry Calhoun

    Hi all, I'll keep this brief ... just wanted to let you know that my new chapbook, The Insomnia Poems, is out on Flutter Press. A slim little volume of 16 poems, all about -- you guessed it -- insomnia in one form or another. Nice cover, a blurb on the back that I probably don't deserve, pretty...
  2. HarryC13

    Retreating Aggressively into the Dark - new chapbook from Harry Calhoun

    Hi all, My latest is now out, from the fine lady who runs Boston Literary Magazine and Big Table Publishing. Nice-looking book, featuring a cover shot of the painting that currently hangs above the Calhoun mantel! Hope you find it in your hearts to support my work by springing for a copy. If...
  3. HarryC13

    New Calhoun chapbook now out from Propaganda Press!

    Hey, Leah from Alternating Current has put out a chap of my stuff titled Near daybreak, with a nod to Frost. I'm proud and happy to join Hosho and Chris Cunningham as poets that she has published. At six bucks, the chap is affordable and I'm happy with the way it turned out. You can check it...
  4. HarryC13

    Announcing: Pig in a Poke magazine ... live!

    Hi all, For the first time in decades, Pig in a Poke is going to be live again today, May 1st, 2010. While at least for the time being this is an online magazine, we have a great lineup of poetry and fiction and a few essays thrown in for the fun of it. My wife Trina Allen edits the fiction, I...
  5. HarryC13

    Another Calhoun chapbook for sale

    Hi all ... been busy lately and this fell through the cracks. Flutter Press has published a chapbook of my poems called Something Real. It's available at the Web site: ... and it's only $7.50, pretty affordable. If that's not cheap enough, my next chapbook is...
  6. HarryC13

    Announcing: the return of Pig in a Poke!

    Hi all, Yes, it's true ... I've decided, after more than 20 years of dormancy, to bring "The Pig" back to life. I didn't post this in "Support the small press," because for now, the magazine is going to be Web-only. I do have hopes of doing a print version down the road, but for now, this is...
  7. HarryC13

    Special offer on Calhoun poetry books!

    Hi all, My new book is selling well, and if you'd like to check it out, here's a special incentive. Go to the promotional site of Dimenuendo Press and order a copy for 12 buks ... er, bucks. Order and contact me at and I'll send you a copy of my book I knew Bukowski like your...
  8. HarryC13

    New Harry Calhoun book available for advance order NOW!

    Hi guys, My fans (both of you) can now order my new book, The Black Dog and the Road, from Dimenuendo Press. It's available at the Dimenuendo Press Web site. While it will be available for general distribution on May 1st, 2010, you can now order advance copies now. Thank you for your...
  9. HarryC13

    Calhoun Web site update -- new book coming!

    Hi all, Just wanted to pass this along. My webmaster (a.k.a. my wife) just updated my site yesterday. Among other things, I'm at final proof stage for my new book, The Black Dog and the Road, and am promoting it on the site. I expect it to be out by sometime in March, followed by chapbooks...
  10. HarryC13

    Bukowski issue of The Legendary

    Hi all, just wanted to mention that the online magazine called The Legendary had a contest for work about Bukowski, and the special Bukowski issue comes out tomorrow. One of my poems took an honorable mention in the contest and they're also reprinting my essay...
  11. HarryC13

    My poem "Closing" in the current issue of Orange Room Review

    Thought ya might wanna check it out ... an online zine with a pretty good reputation, if there is such a thing ;) ...
  12. HarryC13

    Calhoun as featured poet on Callused Hands etc.

    Ah yes. Ivan at Callused Hands has taken a liking to my stuff, so: And while I'm here, anyone who likes quirky titles as much as I do will love this one: Mr. Barker, Mr. Cunningham and others, I see definite possiblities for...
  13. HarryC13

    Buk Scene #1 on eBay

    Looks like two copies of Ponder's great first issue are on sale now on eBay ... 19 bucks a copy. Oh, and the seller raves about Jocelyne's artwork ... well-deserved accolades.
  14. HarryC13

    Looking for a Bukowski quote ... or am I?

    Hi guys, My lovely wife has a coworker whose father is fond of a certain quote. I had always "known" that the quote was from Bukowski -- I actually was fairly sure it came from a story in Erections, Ejaculations, Exhibitions and General Tales of Ordinary Madness. The quote is something...
  15. HarryC13

    I knew Bukowski like you knew a rare leaf now available! (update)

    Hi all, Just wanted to announce that a trade paperback of my poems, titled I knew Bukowski like you knew a rare leaf, is now available. Thanks to Trace Publications for the great production, layout, graphics and for editing the 40 poems into a logical, free-flowing format. Books are...
  16. HarryC13

    New online chapbook debuts today on The Dead Mule

    Hello, I'm happy to announce that my chapbook, Dogwalking Poems, is now online at The Dead Mule. I had some of my stuff published there maybe 10-12 years ago and again more recently, and when they asked me to do a chap I jumped at the chance. And hey, it's FREE! Hope you enjoy ...
  17. HarryC13

    Carver's Dog needs your help with computer problems!

    Hi all, Rodger Jacobs (Carver's Dog) is having a major problem with his computer. Some kind of worm got into it and it crashed. He's tried several things but none of them seem to work. He wrote to me from a computer in the community center in his apartment building, and said, "Can you ask in...
  18. HarryC13

    Bukowski column on Word Catalyst

    Hi all, I write a regular column for Word Catalyst magazine online. This month's is on my experiences with the 1980s' small press scene, and of course on my experiences with Bukowski. It's one of three essays that I've written that deal with various aspects of my relationship with Bukowski...
  19. HarryC13

    Ten Dollar Tastings wine column is now online!

    Hi all, Anyone interested in affordable wine? The new column is up at the URL in my signature. This one is a one-of-a-kind edition on box wines! Yes, not class in a glass, but semi-class in a mylar bag. Hope you enjoy .... Harry
  20. HarryC13

    Just got a card from "Gypsy Lou" Webb!

    This is so cool I still can't believe it! In the last issue of Chiron Review, I reviewed a book and DVD about Loujon Press and New Orleans in that era. In the video, Lou Webb -- now well into her 90s but as spry and sharp as ever -- really lights up the screen every time she appears, and I...
  21. HarryC13

    Calhounian poems at Word Catalyst

    Hi all, I'm happy that my comeback now includes three poems published on the Word Catalyst site this issue: In September, editor Shirley Allard is going to feature three poems and an essay on my relationship with R.E.M. and a short...
  22. HarryC13

    Title of poem as last line of another ...

    Hi all, I know I could look this up but having you guys around has made me lazy. In The Roominghouse Madrigals, there is a poem titled "I was born to hustle roses down the avenues of the dead." Of course, years later he used this as the final line of another poem. Can you tell me the title of...
  23. HarryC13

    Purple Stickpin and HarryC13 on Hemingway's Shotgun

    There is a lot of great stuff on CarversDog's site ... and The 'Pin and me are there too! :D
  24. HarryC13

    Poem published on Hemingway's Shotgun

    Hi guys, CarversDog has published my poem "Back from the Dead" in his magazine, Hemingway's Shotgun. There's a mention of this site in it ... hope you enjoy.
  25. HarryC13

    A strange story of the small press and the Internet ...

    As most of you know, I was involved in the small press back in the 80s, both as a poet and a shoestring-budget publisher. Well, just today, I got a poetry submission from a young lady. The bizarre thing is that she got my name from a Web site that has not been active for almost 12 years...