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  1. Sadgirl

    Long time reader: is being a buk fan a stereotype??

    Well, I’m a female and I really love Bukowski’s books. Yes, some stories are uncomfortable (dirty) and sometimes I skip parts, but I can’t blame him for having such a bad childhood. I see the bigger picture and the bad childhood part is what I relate to. I feel kind of sane reading his stories
  2. Sadgirl

    Hello everyone...

    Hi achala :) I relate a bit to your story. Feel like I’m in a minority here too, my grandparents come from a small island in Indonesia, my parents and I are born in a small country in west Europe. Felt as an outsider with ‘my own people’, becoming a loner as result. Thank god we have writers...
  3. Sadgirl

    Hi, how are you? (DD)

    Hi, New blood from - somewhere in -Europe. I’m one of those who love to read a Bukowski for the sake of not feeling insane. I feel kind of sad about it... it’s hard to find a kindred spirit in real life, but easy in the works of a mad writer. Anyone feeling the same too?