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  1. tluchowski

    My first collection is available for print

    My first collection of poems has been printed. I hope you all have wonderful holidays. If you wish to read the book, the print is up and the ebook is coming soon. I have two readings in December. If you want the details let me know.
  2. tluchowski

    100th Birthday Events?

    Is there anything planned in San Pedro for this? I know there was some mention of the statue but does anyone know if there may be any type of event? And with the whole virus situation if they will still be happening? I had thoughts of maybe traveling, making a stop at the CSU library if...
  3. tluchowski

    Typewriters! Show 'em if ya got 'em.

    Finally got myself an SG1! Sadly I share the space with my girlfriend's cats, my 9 other typewriters and a shitload of books. But amazing machine! Any other typer folks? If so I'd love to see some of your machines. Disregard the mess...its the usual state of the area.
  4. tluchowski

    Little Magazines to submit to/read

    Hello peers, I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for lit mags to submit to and read. I dont like to pay reading fees to magazines I've never read and I think trigger warnings are fucking absurd. I might have a 20th century mentality as far as writing goes but I've had 4 publications...
  5. tluchowski

    Mr. Bohlke's Inheritance

    So while finishing the third volume of selected letters: Reach for the Sun, I found a nonchalantly bizarre letter to a Mr. Bohlke. The letter just states in a manner of fact way that Bukowski would accept Bohlke's inheritance if he died, although he states he told him he would not in a previous...
  6. tluchowski

    Just Gonna Leave This Here...

    Link to some "performance art" I found on Vimeo titled : "On Bukowski". Aptly titled because she definitely does something "On Bukowski". Note that comments are disabled. Not sure exactly how to feel about this one. Some of the others on her vimeo channel include her stepping on balloons...
  7. tluchowski

    "War All the Time" Poem

    Does anyone have access to the actual poem titled "war all the time"? It exists in the database but not in the book with the same title. There is a line in the book from the poem "pace is the essence" which reads: "those guys think it's got to be previous hit war all the time." So did this...
  8. tluchowski

    Bukowski and social media

    I was watching a documentary about social media "poetry" and one of the women was saying she wondered how certain writers would have implemented social media sites in the self publication of their poetry, one of the names she mention was Bukowski and this got me thinking. Do you think he would...
  9. tluchowski

    Signed first edition?

    So I ordered this from my works library consortium and someone made a big opps and sent me a signed first edition??? Is this legit..the replacement fee is $75 if I "lost it"
  10. tluchowski

    27 y.o. Madman and writer from Nowhere, Ohio

    Hello like minded folk, I discovered some of Bukowski's poetry last year and now I am absolutely obsessed! Stumbled upon the forum looking for some manuscripts and I have to say... thank you all! Glad to be able to learn more about the man and his writing. Cheers, N.A.T.