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    same pattern. same damn pattern all the time.
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    Seen any good movies lately?

    Hadn't seen the marvelous movie "CRASH" in about 10 years, but felt - tonight - like watching the high-emotional End-scene and looked for it on youtube. No chance for a decent version. So I had to take the task on my own. After all, it's not only about me, but GIVING. right? I cut and...
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    What are you listening to? The world really needs to know. Volume 8

    That's one SICK album. I remember a time, when I used to listen to track #3 when I was hungover. (Don't know, why it was only this one and not the whole album.) Somehow it felt good to hear this, laying on a sofa, feeling wrecked.
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    Bukowski on Muhammad Ali?

    good question. I only remember him naming "Tiger Mike" (Tyson) in a filmed interview while sitting in his living-room in San Pedro with the tv on.
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    For sale FLOWER FIST BESTIAL WAIL 1960 signed w/drawing

    I've put this little gem on ebay again: (x-mas is nigh) Prize is approx 5,555.- USD (4.900,- EUR) plus shipping (within the US this should be around 60.-USD) DETAILS => see above edit: HERE's the international URL...
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    Burning Painting...

    That's one fine Pollock he did there.
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    Bukowski tattoos

    Here comes the guy with a different, more gentle oppinion on your legwork: I like it. Well, I must admit, that I am not into tattoos at all, so I don't "like" it in the way of some art I would want on my own body. But I do like the obvious devotion that you have for Bukowski and that poem...
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    Seen any good movies lately?

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    Seen any good movies lately?

    the additions are a bit "revealing" concerning their relationship, yes, but not that important. It's been a true Love-Story from the beginning with the first theatre-version as well. But one needs to be a softie to see that.
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    Seen any good movies lately?

    Definitely. I'm such a sucker for that one. Most people don't get, that it's not (primarily) an action-movie, but a sensible [or is the correct English word "sensitive"?], innocent love-story. It's totally different a thing from "Lucy" though. (And, a propos de Luc Besson: I never was a fan of...
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    Nick Cave

    That's a beautiful one. I love it. First one of it that comes to my mind is: "Darker with the Day". It's the perfect companion for a sad look out the window during the afternoon. "We Came Along This Road" and "Love Letter" are perfect melancholy too.
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    Seen any good movies lately?

    "LUCY" by Luc Beson starring Scarlet Johansson and Morgan Freeman.
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    Nick Cave

    Right now listening to his songs again and again as I do, I'm a bit confused about your use of the word "fun". Maybe I'm wrong, but the very last thing that would have ever occured to me regarding Nick Cave was the word "FUN".
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    Authentic Signature

    That's my most important complaint too. Otherwise it's a tough one. Well observed by the forger.
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    Timeline contributions

    Ah, so it wasn't Amber. My memory is vanishing, esp concerning names & dates. Summer of 1975 seems to be the time he was with Pam, right? So maybe a look into her bio may reveil, with whom he was cheating her at the time.
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    Crazy Love Subtitles

    I only tried to watch this movie once. That was somwhere around 2001 or 2002 and I wasn't even able to finish it. Not because I couldn't take hurt and pain in a movie, but I simply DID NOT FEEL my Bukowski in it. I even didn't feel the pain at all. It was emotionless to me. That thing made no...
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    Timeline contributions

    I guess, we all have a clear imagination about this concerning the time (1975). btw.: When exactly has Amber been at his place?
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    That well known Pioneer Chicken in many Buk stories is now gone

    just yesterday I've heared a joke in a movie: After two cannibals have eaten a jester, one says: "Now, This guy tasted funny."
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    Timeline contributions

    Timeline says his reading in Santa Cruz in May 1975 was on the 24th. In a letter dated Ape 21, 1975 he says "it looks" like he's reading on the 11th. Obviously he wasn't absolutely sure about the final date. So probably it was 24. Just wanted to share.
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    "Banksy" shreds painting at Sotheby's auction, but what's wrong with this picture?

    I liked the Banksy-action. Nice performance. Makes a whole new piece-of-art out of something that's been a piece-of-art already.
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    Essential Bukowski: Poetry

    You Americans (and maybe all you young people in Europe) are so far ahead of me: I still do carry real books (physically). and I like it. . EDIT: here's my idea of a perfectly portable literary highlight to carry with you every day (just photographed): [please note that in the case of this...
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    Essential Bukowski: Poetry

    I've just learned that the PAPERBACK-edition of this gem is due to come out in only 2 weeks. Been looking forward to that. The hardbound-ed is for the bookshelves, but what you need to have a "Portable Bukowski" is: paperback, cheap, smaller-size. And if Any Buk-book deserves to be a...
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    art & artists

    "Vincent van Gogh always had an open ear for Gaugin."