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  1. zobraks

    Ole 4: O, We Are The Outcasts, O We Burn In Wondrous Flame!

    Great! O, We Are the Outcasts... is one of my favo(u)rite Bukowski pieces. Thank you once again, PM. Nerd
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    There. I edited this for you so you don't look like a drunkard. It goes without saying that you owe me one now.
  3. zobraks

    Nick Cave

    Nick Cave on love and grief
  4. zobraks

    Shits and Giggles

    Served him right(?)
  5. zobraks

    Unknown Bukowski pictures?

    Done. I've seen the first one before and I believe the second is from the session I've stumbled across but (for the life of me) can't remember where or when.
  6. zobraks

    There's no prog rock thread...

    There's also this minor poet... Bukwoski, Buckowski...
  7. zobraks

    There's no prog rock thread...

    ... he would hate us all. *sigh*
  8. zobraks


    Ugh indeed. P.S. I loved the comments. :D
  9. zobraks

    Shits and Giggles

    So, who's THE REAL Mr. Bean?
  10. zobraks

    Timeline contributions

    Around the 15th of February, 1977? Check the source.
  11. zobraks

    Shits and Giggles

    A potential great editor? source
  12. zobraks

    Marilyn: Vol. 1, Autumn, 1975: Will The Real Thing Please Stand Up And Wave A Wooden Arm?

    PM, I'm glad you survived a hurricane and went on with sharing these gems. Thank you.
  13. zobraks

    Is it a Bukowski quote?

    The poem you're looking for is called No More, No Less. You can find it in The Last Night of the Earth Poems.
  14. zobraks

    Newlyweds make the pages of "The Daily Oklahoman," 1955

    Well, it's The Daily Oklahoman in 1950's. I reckon even tumbleweed rolling through the town was news in those days.
  15. zobraks

    The senseless, tragic rape of Charles Bukowski’s ghost by John Martin’s Black Sparrow Press

    Read closely. And click on links (those numbers), of course.
  16. zobraks

    Collecting blood in Oakland, 1942

    Maybe volunteers were offered free drinks...
  17. zobraks


    That one takes the cake. Why in hell would JM change "It is now 4 p.m." into "it is now 2 p.m."? Wrong time zone? On the other hand I doubt it was him: he would've put "we'll bring some tea" instead of "we'll bring some beer."
  18. zobraks

    reviews at time of publication

    Apparently the tradition of misspelling Bukowski's name goes way back.
  19. zobraks

    Who are the best current writers?

    And a bottle of water. I heard he had switched from plastic to glass.
  20. zobraks

    Looking for a specific poem!

    It's not The Painter (from Mockingbird Wish Me Luck), is it? That would be too obvious.
  21. zobraks

    Why the Beatles?

    Ah, Beat Meat poetry school... Can't beat it.
  22. zobraks

    Shits and Giggles

    Speaking of Chinese, apparently they're never too old for a snooker competition: source
  23. zobraks

    Vibrating snake oil

    I wonder how they managed to operate the door knob and come inside the house in the first place.
  24. zobraks

    Bukowski Disappearance

    The truth is out there... P.S. Check other Bukowski myths.