portions from a wine stained notebook

  1. curious abt cb

    Portions from a wine-stained notebook

    I'm finding a lot of the material in Bukowski's "Portions from a wine-stained notebook" is quite the departure from most of the other works I have read of his. The references and allusions he makes in some of the essays in the book are way over my head and unlike the seemingly simple and crude...
  2. cirerita

    Reading and Breeding for Kenneth, unpub. story, 1971

    My scanner is on fire and it wanted to pay some sort of homage to Kenneth Patchen. I thought, "ok, let it be", and I let it be, so here's the story.
  3. cirerita

    20 Tanks From Kasseldown - Portfolio, 1946

    "20 Tanks From Kasseldown," story, in PORTFOLIO AN IN¬TERNATIONAL REVIEW (Washington D.C.) 3 (Spring 1946), both sides leaf 8. Info from Aaron's book: