1,500 pieces of ass... and 2 wives by 1966!

Discussion in 'All things Bukowski' started by cirerita, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. cirerita

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    No kidding! I wonder which one is untrue :D

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  2. LickTheStar

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    That's a great first line about shoes... very cool.

    Are these all bits of uncollected goodies, then?
  3. nervas

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    That's cool, a resume of sorts.
  4. mjp

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    Racking up 30,000 drunks would take more than 82 years, assuming you were drunk every day of your life. So at that time he would have had to have two drunks every day of his life to claim 30,000.

    Similarly, 1500 pieces of ass would take more than 4 years to conquer, assuming, again, one a day. One a week (more do-able, and allowing time to type, but still way beyond his scope) would take 29 years.

    8 books in 46 years is right.

    So maybe he was just bad at math when the numbers got too large. ;)
  5. Bukowski was probably good for at least 5 a night -- that would tighten up the numbers considerable. 30,000 may be hours, not days.
  6. Black Swan

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    I knew someone would do the math.
    I had started and gave it up, thinking that he'd exaggerated a bit.

    I had to look up divestment, or divestiture. ( the action or process of selling off subsidiary business interests or investments).

    Thanks Abel! ;)
  7. mjp

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    It was the mainstream thing to do.
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  8. roni

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    Thanks cire.
    Where's that from?

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