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1 Lot - 6 Works - Crucifix, Heart, Chaos, Outsiders 1,2,3 - all signed (1 Viewer)

Crucifix & Heart Signed by Bukowski, All signed by Gypsy Lou Webb, Bukowski on Cover of Outsiders 3

They are from my moms collection. We have been regular visitors and helpers for Gypsy Lou since 2007. She went homeless after her sister died in 2010, had a head injury 2011 and was taken to an apartment after hospice where it was thought she would expire quickly at 95. That was almost 2 years ago and she is not going anywhere. She is a tough feisty one and we will try and get her up and around to celebrate her 97th at the end of this month. It is very difficult to be a single old woman in our society even if you have a giant legacy. We should all work on this together because it will impact each of us eventually.
Rich & Tee & Shirley Marvin

These 6 Publications are from The Shirley Marvin Collection that will be coming up for Auction at Doyle Auction in New York on Tuesday, April 23, 2013 at 10am
as part of the Rare Books & Autographs Auction 13BP01 -​
Lot 216 LouJon Press Collection
Estimate $600-900 Doyle Book Specialist. - Edward Duggan- 212-427-4141
Gypsy Lou Webb was the publisher of all these books with husband Jon and she signed them all. She is on the cover of two Outsiders and Charles Bukowski is on the other and has signed 2 of these books.

This is our Rockmore Newsletter but it has detailed info on all the Bukowski books at the bottom.
If i could afford it... Glad to hear Gypsy Lou's in good hands too. Been reading atll those interesting letters Buk wrote to them that are posted among the manuscripts section on this site.
$875 including premium. Great deal, especially considering that a 'regular' copy of It Catches sold for $1,500 at auction in Germany just this week.
Not exactly sure how I stumbled across it really, it's quite a while ago that I came to know of it. Might have been through google, and speaking Deutsch certainly helped in locating this one. Some interesting results there, in both directions. $1,500 for It Catches is mad given the current market situation, $470 for 1/250 Factotum on the other hand is a great buy.

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