10 years of Bukowski forum? How did that happen?

This site is an incredible achievement, from a technical and design/ergonomic perspective (i.e., easy to navigate, locate things, etc.), to being a beautiful statement of love to a great writer and his fans. The database alone always blows my mind--coupled with everything else, I mean, out of this world, baby. (Sorry for the hyperbole, but I really feel it.).

One of the many things I'll go to my grave regretting--I was 2-3 months away from being a "Founding member." Still stings...
14? Good lord.
A couple of months ago I think I was watching a video about how in the early days of the internet, most forums were very specific and had their own pages. I do remember when I was little finding many specific forums just like this one online. It certainly felt special to find a group of people that liked the same things you did, and constantly discussed about them. Now everything is centralized into places like Reddit, Facebook, etc. The joy of coming across a dedicated community is mostly gone.

Well I don't know if I'm explaining myself well here. I certainly don't know anything about making forums. My point is that this place is certainly smooth, packed with data, and just overall great. I'm just hoping I didn't get late to the party.

Pogue Mahone

Officials say drugs may have played a part
If it wasn't for this forum, so many of the important details would have been lost. I have been told by long-time booksellers, people intimately involved with Bukowski, and some writers from those times, that this site has so much "disinformation." We all have opinions in the forum, but the database is a source of truth like no other. If there are some minor mistakes, there's no wonder since there is no official guide. But the people who put all that work into the database, have created the only credible guide.


Founding member
this site has so much "disinformation."
Right. And the impeachment trial is a "witch hunt." Got it.

(Rare) "booksellers" are idiots and thieves. All of them, across the board. Some more idiotic than others, but all idiots. Chewing the diseased mats out of each other's fur at the bottom of a dumpster. Picking each other's pockets and snickering like the little cartoon rats that they are. Beliving they are getting over on their fellow rats, not comprehending their reality - that they live at the bottom of a dumpster full of hot Chinatown garbage.

As for "people close to Bukowski," well, we know that none of them has ever had an agenda or held a grudge, have they. Of course not. I've never known a more pure and brave race of superbeings.

But for what it's worth, I've passed a lot of time with many "people close to Bukowski," and have never heard a negative word about this forum or the website.

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There, that's the response that you thought you could provoke, right? Is that what you wanted? I've given it to you on a platter. Happy to oblige. Now run go tell your cartoon rat friends to come and read it. Tell them I said 'Hi,' and that they aren't fit to shine my shoes.

Not that any of them would know how to shine shoes. Shining shoes is actually a useful occupation.

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Thank you, good night! I'm here all week!
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