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$11,000 Post Office (1 Viewer)

I like Scott a lot. A good guy. I've bought many items from him, but he has lost touch with reality. Do you think he's serious?
And there's that! Why in god's name would he lie the book down in that fashion to get a pic? It seems like a bad way to handle a valuable title.
It seems like a bad way to handle a valuable title.

And it seems like he did the same thing with the two other books that he listed with paintings:

South of No North

Love is a Dog from Hell (Printer's Copy with additional drawing)

I'm hoping that maybe the spines were already like that from when the paintings were tipped in...
I guess you have a 'small' market for that kind of price tag... I don't see it selling 'now', but there will be a day that price was a 'bargain'.
or maybe not!

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