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Did not sell/NFS 11 original PAINTINGS from 1975 (individual sale each) NOT tipped-in into books, but standalone (1 Viewer)

Christmas comes fast now . . . For SALE:
11 Original Bukowski-paintings / all from July 1975 or shortly before / size ca 9x5¾" (23x15 cm)

provenience: Filmmaker Thomas Schmitt who purchased them directly from Bukowski at his visit in July 1975

note: these paintings are ready-to-frame standalone sheets and HAVE NEVER BEEN TIPPED-IN into a book (as most of Bukowski‘s artwork is), which makes them even rarer and pieces of art in their own right.

generally, prizes as listed below and in the PDF are negotiable, but please be aware that I carefully considered all factors, when I advised the seller (which isn‘t me but Schmitt's son and I don‘t take any profit from it) on prizing. This includes not only [1.] the present state of the market (which is poor as we all know), but also [2.] future expectations, [3.] previously realized prizes for paintings, be them tipped-in into books or standalone since 2006 till now, [4.] a sense of fairness for Both parties, the seller and the buyer, regardless of what maybe a tough capable salesman or hardcore bargain-buyer would be able to possibly force through for having their cut.

in a nutshell: my own idea of a fair deal is to consider, if I‘d be happy to call this painting my own for the prize I paid, no matter where the market may be or go. If I can truly say: I‘m proud to have this gem hanging on my wall and don‘t feel the least bit cheated on the prize, then everything‘s fine. Same goes for the seller: I want him to not feel cheated or regretting afterwards.
It‘s just that simple. Call me a naive idealist.

The paintings are located in Germany.
There will be NO hidden fee for handling or any screw like that, but what adds to the sales-prize is insured [!] shipping.
Shipping-cost will be Exactly the real prize taken by the postal service. You will Not pay a cent more.

Any more questions?




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