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I'm posting the version 12,000 Dollars in 3 Months... from Midwest No. 4, 1962, and the version from Roominghouse Madrigals for comparison purposes. But I have another question aside from the changes. Can anyone tell me what the green pen notations are in my copy of Midwest? Isn't that usually indicative of editorial changes or am I mistaken about that? The Bukowski poem is the only one in the issue that has these markings.


22,000_Midwest-1.jpg 22,000_Midwest-2.jpg 22,000_Midwest-3.jpg
It looks like an editor or printer used your copy as a reference to set it for publication elsewhere. Buuuuut, I don't think it appeared elsewhere, so? Maybe it was scheduled to but was never published. Who knows.

Well, you might know if you know where your copy of Midwest came from.

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