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$1500 for a napkin (1 Viewer)

I haven't laughed that hard in fucking years!

Weight 0.0025 oz. $100.:rolleyes:;):confused::(:):cool:

How the @#$% do you ship a napkin without letting it get damaged???

The @#$%ing postmaster wiped his pastrami sandwich on it. I'd love to see the insurance claim on that. Christ, you can't make this shit up. Absolutely priceless. I've been laughing for a solid 15 minutes on this one.

Yes, I do need a life.
Plus, I sold that napkin to him a few years ago for about $175...

He is hoping for quite a return.

And, yes, it is a stained McDonalds napkin.

I sold it to him for about $175 and it is probably worth that as a curiosity. I would not pay $500 for it when I could get a signed copy of South of No North for that price...

Plus, I sold that napkin to him a few years ago for about $175...
Who is Steve? Do you know?

No way in hell he sells that thing. Not for $1500.

Even if I wanted to buy it and it was reasonably priced, that shipping cost would turn me off the whole deal and I'd tell him to go screw.
Steve? - Could that be Steve Richmond? I think I've read that Buk used to leave a note for Richmond when he did'nt find him at home...
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I figured it was for Richmond. Brief, but the content/context is more interesting than many a dry note to a little magazine editor. And it has a drawing. Seems like it'd be worth $175 easily -- the price you sold it for, Bill.
I bought it from a well known bookseller. I ssume that he bought it from Richmond when Richmond needed money. Plus, for someone like Richmond, this is such a minor thing. I'm sure that he has all kinds of cool stuff with him that he did not sell yet.

That being said, I am not vouching for its value. It is 100% legit and authentic and not worth anywhere close to $1500. In 20 years it will likely still not be worth anywghere close to $1500....

...In 20 years it will likely still not be worth anywghere close to $1500....

I don't know about that, Bill. I hate to think of all the Buk items I sold for $5 or $10 twenty years ago that are now worth $500 to $1,000 each. I don't think it'll take 20 for this napkin to pass $1500, unless Buk's reputation takes a major hit (like ugly rumors that he was secretly a teatotaler, never touched a woman, and all his books were written by a moonlighting Presbyterian minister who was also a teatotaler and never touched a woman, and they both thought it was a huge joke.)
I exaggerated. Make that: Buk stuff I sold for $5 or $10 in the 80s is now worth $50 to $300, stuff I sold for $50 or $100 now goes for $500 to $1000. Also, I was forgetting that the next 20 years is not likely to see Buk's fame grow like it did during the past 20 years, so the books may not continue to increase in value as much as they did during the past 20 years. Bill knows far more about the Bukowski market than I do, and he's probably right. I am more likely to be wrong. That's a comfortable position for me to be in.
The napkin did'nt sell and now it's been relisted. The price is the same though...:D
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$50 shipping is still too high. $5 would cover it. If I were selling this, I'd start it low and let the market decide what it's worth. I think sellers make a mistake when they start an auction at what is probably the amount they hope to get for it, tops. Then it doesn't sell and they relist it at the same price. As if the same bunch of buyers aren't looking at it the second time around.
This seller is paying a lot of money to list itmes well above their value and not selling anything. Either they will fond a sucker (er. Buyer) or they will continue to waste money listing margingal items at obscene prices.


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