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$183 for the Days Run Away postcard... (1 Viewer)


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Maybe I shouldn't be amazed by that, but I reserve the right to be.


I never saw that item before. Must be very rare. Are there other postcard announcements? All I've ever seen have been broadside announcements for books, or the Black Sparrow Press catalogs.
I have one for Post Office and Fire Station and one for At Terror Street. They are rare and sweet. Both of those are Letterpress printed and the one for Post Office is printed in a few colors, which is a nice touch. I'm pretty sure that not too many of these were printed and few survived. Those that did survive are probably married up with signed copies in high end collections and in Universities.

Still, I'm not sure that people would have had the desire, early on, to save something like this.

I'd love to know what other announcements were printed from the early releases.



I've always thought that the sparrow on the TERROR ST. broadside looked younger than the sparrow they ended up using for their logo and wondered if that was intentional.
I tried to find the thread where we discussed that little bird, but I couldn't. I was going to use it as the forum icon (where I just put the Bukowski little man doodle), but there you go.

I think that Terror Street piece is the only time I've seen it called the Black Sparrow Press.
You never know who on this forum might have actually bought that for $183. Yep.

I looked everywhere for some listing of this - it's not in Krumhansl and there's no information that I could find on it. So, I made my mind up to get it, despite the lack of fine condition. I really wanted it as a companion to my fine copy of the book, and I figured it couldn't be had elsewhere. As I was doodling around waiting to finalize my bid, someone bid ~$180, so when my bid hit it went right up to $183, which was a huge jump from the previous bid. So, I got boned a bit (well, I boned myself, which isn't as pleasureable as it sounds). At least it wasn't in a prison shower.
It's one of the drawbacks of not really discussing eBay auctions around here. You can sometimes snatch things that everyone snoozes on, but you don't get the benefit of everyone else's input when you might need it.

And by "you" I mean "we."
Very true, and I'd rather we didn't discuss them and I'll run the risk of fucking up every now and again. I've had some good buys in the past couple of years; this was a lesson learned (i.e., ask Bill first if he has one he wants to sell ;)), but not a disaster. In one sense I'm glad it's smallish, because I wanted it to fit right inside the book, but I didn't realize it was post-card sized. $183 is rather ridiculous for that.
Well, guts to you, Stickpin, for confessing the buy after all the previous posts. Hopefully it arrives to you safe and sound. I've done my fair share of getting topped off on bids but oddly always feel better knowing it's headed for my door.
It's one of the drawbacks of not really discussing eBay auctions around here. [...] you don't get the benefit of everyone else's input when you might need it.
And here's the part where you can tell me I paid too much for this. I offered $195 which he declined, but said for $230 I could have it and he'd throw in a copy of the Husk broadside, so I did that deal.

The thing that makes it kind of an I-have-no-idea deal is that it's signed, and I'm sure it's genuine, but it's not one of the 50 numbered. So I don't what it's really worth. But I figure anything from 1975 and signed (whenever) has to be worth a couple hundred bucks. What the hell.
Nice items both. Sometimes, you just have to treat yourself :)

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