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1944 Story magazine - Aftermath of a Lengthy Rejection Slip (1 Viewer)

Which is the expected price of this one? Right now I can't find any copy on Abe to have an idea. There are a few later reprints, but not the original one.
I haven't seen a copy of this on the market for many years. It will be interesting to see what it fetches. The condition is not ideal, but with something as rare as this, condition takes a back seat.
I see it's in my 1996 Thomas Dorn Bukowski catalog
Listed for $425.
(and that's with a library ink stamp on the bottom of the front cover).

It's funny though,
The prices in here compared to prices today.
Most have gone up, but many are down too....
I should compare the titles and figure out why.

I would guess however that this e-bay item is worth more than Tom had it listed for back then....
Depends on who's bidding this week. Some of the deep pocket eBay bidders seem to be on vacation lately, but it will definitely get up there. I would be very surprised if it went for under $500. Like nymark said, this one doesn't come around very often.

Funny thing though, sometimes when something fetches a high price, suddenly a lot more copies come out of the woodwork.
I don't think they have a Reserve on it either.

If we could all conspire to not bid on it till the last minute,
I think it might slip by some big buyers....

And did you check out the seller?!,
This Buk copy is unlike anything else he is selling or I think
Has sold
mjp said:
...when something fetches a high price, suddenly a lot more copies come out of the woodwork...

Here's hoping a lot come crawling then.
As a seller though, listing a rare item after another has sold for big bucks can work against you. If too many come onto the market the price drops. And there's always the possibility that the one buyer who will put up the big bucks for the item now has it, and yours will go unsold. Anyway, yeah, good for us if more copies surface, for sure.

Aftermath is an interesting piece to read, but I don't think it's very good. Same with 20 Tanks... They are obviously the work of a young writer. To me, anyway. But what do I know. Your mileage may vary. I realize that anyone who buys this isn't buying it just to read the story. Now something like the lost issue of Write --- that could be a buy-it-just-to-read-it situation, in addition to its value as a rarity.

It's all academic to me anyway, I can't afford this shit. ;)
Ok, then I should sit on e-bay and wait for another buy-it-now painting book like Chronic got early this morning....
You never know, stranger things have happened.

Though I think Chronic's buy will be mentioned (re: envied) around here for some time.

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