1962 The Ants (1 Viewer)

I've never heard it before now! - It's not on any of the common available readings...
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I will never - as long as I live - get used to that voice.
It in no way comes close to the Bukowski voice I developed in my head over the many years of reading.
It's like the shock of cold water.

Thanks for the link D in B
I don't remember what it's from, but I'm almost positive that I have heard that before. I remember him spelling a-n-t-s and shouting the lines toward the end. I'll see if I can find the source.
It's too bad that the rest of the links on that page are dead. What were the poems on the LP Steve Richmond put out of Bukowski? I remember seeing it at the old undergrad library at UBC in Vancouver during the mid-1970s. Think I listened to a portion of it as well. Then I dropped out of school.
The website was run by Cait Collins. She died about two years ago and the site has been kept alive (barely) by her family. There have been no changes, really since her death. Expect that other links will drop out over time.


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