1963 skin mag appearance? at $195 I ain't going to find out (1 Viewer)

I must say that I am 99% sure that this is NOT Bukowski and am 100% sure that Jory Sherman was not the editor. I guess that makes me 199% sure that this is crap?

Uh...no (or hell no, or that's funny!). I base that on the first paragraph. You don't really need to see any more than that.

Plus he wasn't writing for skin mags in 1963.

Double fail.
To follow up, the seller now has this to say (click the link on the first post for this thread):

"** Well, friends, after a bit of research, the truth comes out -- "Hank Charkowski" was not a Charles Bukowski pseudonym,
but rather a Jory Sherman pseudonym -- which gave his longtime buddy Hank Bukowski a chuckle whenever he saw it!"

No citation for this bit of information. "Buddy" Bukowski chuckled?

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