1965 - Bukowski hemorrhoid operation, "All the Assholes in the World and Mine": 03-02 (1 Viewer)


That`s the reason i want his toilet seat as a souvenir :eek: in another thread.
( i am just kidding of course )
I'm wondering whether Gerard might have found that little sitz bath he took home with him. That would look great on the mantle.

"All the Assholes..." is the best book title ever, IMO.

Gerard K H Love

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Do you wear a purple stickpin and are you a Turk? I might trade you or I'll put it on e-bay for $354. start bid. How about the inflatable donut to sit on.;)
It's funny, I finally convinced my wife to read Post Office, and after she finished she said: "You are NOTHING like Purple Stickpin!"

If I scored the inflatable donut, I'd velcro it to my toilet seat.:cool:

Gerard K H Love

Appreciate your friends
I can only imagine how gross a thing like that would be after 40 years.
Speaking of this I just watched There's going to be a riot, Number Nine Horse is great. So fitting for this thread or the direction this thread has gone.:eek:
I know. Imagine having to blow it up? :eek:

Then again, considering that the original topic was hemorrhoid surgery, one could hardly expect it to evolve into a discussion of butterflies and daisies.;)


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If I scored the inflatable donut, I'd velcro it to my toilet seat.
I've been riding the donut for a month and a half, and I can tell you two things; they are mostly foam rubber now, not inflatable, and you need them more in your office chair than on a toilet seat.

Oh, and 3) they are effective, but not fun.

How's that for full disclosure?


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they are mostly foam rubber now, not inflatable,
How's that for full disclosure?

Foam!?? shit (no pun) I'm still blowing mine up. once again I find myself behind the times. damn kids...its hell getting old.....
Well, I had a hemorrhoid? operation a few years ago, and my wife figured it was roughly, and I do mean roughly, the same age Bukowski had his.

Great asses think alike.

Father Luke

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i remember having them the size of grapes. i
thought i had ass cancer. then i figured out they were 'roids.

bad. but not so bad.


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Well, I guess the 'roids are all purple (but don't use a stickpin - see a doctor)! :D;)
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Thanks for that... I'm sure we'll all sleep better with that lovely image in our heads.

Oh, and congrats on being a new dad!

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