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1981 February 2 - letter to Keyser (1 Viewer)

Thanks for telling, yes it's quite an interesting letter which understandably adds to the price but I wouldn't go either higher than $250 in this case.
Being the infamous PhillyDave I would love to have that letter but alas, I don't have that kind of cash right now... Very cool letter indeed.
Just a guess, but it will probably end up somewhere south of $600 before too long. Unless the seller decides to hold off
until the mythical skyrocketing of the Buk market.
If i met Ski at a station to close the deal, I'd push him on the track to get the letter... then again, there's way too many cameras these days... I'd just pull a Cos and bring him back to my apartment and drug him instead...

P.S. I'll miss the Chairman, but i think he had his 15 minutes in New York time...
until the mythical skyrocketing of the Buk market.
It's not mythical where some items are concerned (books with paintings, Bukowski art in general).

But $750 for a letter is steep, especially considering he bought it in 1994. I was buying a few letters and manuscripts back then (through the mail, per-Internet), and I don't think I ever paid more than $60 for a letter. Wait, that's not true, I paid $150 for a letter...but it came with two 1960s poem manuscripts.

Of course that was 20 years ago. Bill Clinton was president and a gallon of gas was $1.25.
I'm afraid not. He ran off with Cirque du Soleil and died in a freak leotard strangulation accident. I think the manuscripts were burned along with his body on the outskirts of Wichita. It's not really something I like to talk about.

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