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1985 Bukowski Calendar, signed, with letter from Black Sparrow (Ebay) (1 Viewer)

It might boost your selling price a bit if people knew that a 1985 calendar matches next years calendar! It will also match a 2019 calendar.
Interesting to see the letter explaining those horrible things. I would have thought a run of 25 seemed too low, since the "calenders" come up for sale more than you'd expect for an edition of 25. But there you go. All of life's mysteries revealed.


Martin never missed a chance to create a "collector's item."
There is a more common edition (of smaller dimensions) than these.. Not sure of the numbers tho' - but more than 25.
Jesus christ, the inside is even more hamfistedly awful than the cover.

But I like that the illiteracy is consistent; "Another bed, another women" and the way Bukowski's cock comes out of his neck in cal_6.jpg. That's good.
I sense just a little bit of jealousy... That's OK. I would feel the same if I were in your shoes. Can I post more pics? I am sure there must be more errors on the calendar pages themselves... This is a classic that only Mr. Martin and I can truly appreciate and understand...

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