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1985 Calendar (1 Viewer)

I believe that some were made as prototypes but they never mass produced because Martin or Bukowski or both were not pleased with the results. I could be wrong about this but that's the story I heard and I'm sticking with it. They are hideous and that they were never released is no surprise to me. I don't have one in my collection and am not interested in obtaining one.
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I was just reading "get the nose" in the archives and saw that Buk misspelt the word as well:

"death is every second, punk.
the calander is death. the sheets are death . . . "

For a brief second I thought about this 'calendar' and how they might have chosen the same misspelling... alas, too good of a thought to be true.
All hope for this thing has dissipated.
Calender is a word, actually. Some sort of press - used in agriculture or manufacturing? But yeah, looks like Bukowski meant "calendar" in GET THE NOSE.
"Calendar" is a process used in paper-making whereby the paper stock is run between polished steel rollers under high pressure to give a desired smoothness and in some cases a "gloss".
Ha - 15 years in the business, I should have remembered that...

But I spend a lot of time trying to forget many of those years. ;)
as a collector i'd probably buy it...
but it does look REALLY bad, very CHEAP and POORLY produced.
you see one a couple times a year on ebay, and the prices keep going up and up. Everything is collectable...

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