1986 French story on Bukowski (1 Viewer)

A lot of that looks familiar because Montfort was also there, snapping pictures (you can see him in the street in one of the scenes), but I've never seen the footage before. Shame about the overdubbed translation, but it was good to see. Gracias.
thanks Digney.

Anybody else had problems downloading the video? I did.

[...] Montfort was also there, snapping pictures


Great footage! Thanks, Digney.

Roni: The realplayer downloader says that the clip is not downloadable from the site.
Great little documentary! I've never seen it before. Thanks Digney!

Roni: The realplayer downloader says that the clip is not downloadable from the site.

Right, I got the same message when I tried to download it. I guess there must be a way to rip it, but I'm not computer savvy enough to do it.
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Nice. Many thanx.

Buk about women: "I don't know why they come. I know why they leave though..."
Thank you Digney in Burnaby !

Actually it's not a French documentary. TSR is a Swiss channel (from the French-speaking part of Switzerland) ;-)

I've just seen it. He should have kicked the old slut's ass! Or at least replied to her with witty words to which she wouldn't have been able to answer back.

Those two crazy girls outside the bar, what the hell are they talking about?
They're wanting their 15 minutes of fame. Then, you hear Bukowski telling to the journalist: "let's go get a drink" and the journalist says that Bukowski thus tries to spare his "friends" the humiliation of being filmed. I don't know whether by "friends" he means the two women or the guys who are standing there or going out from the bar.
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I like how the one steps out and says "A star is born. A star is born, Baby" or something.

She's funny. The other one is simply dead drunk, I think.
I liked "everything is okay, exactly the way it is supposed to be". And also I liked " I'm back!", to the rats and cockroaches.

Thanks Digney!
I also wonder if the strange woman in the red gown who tells them to move off because she "knows him" and wants no trouble is the famous "fortune teller" from the poem and the other clip where he's talking about her. Could be, no?

PS: The shots from the track are priceless. While standing there smoking and watching them run he really looks it ... he looks like he has lived through 400 years of sadness and hangovers while at the same time being full of humor and self-irony and at the top of his game. I love how he's saying "I am a loser tonight. I made my proper selections and they lost. I have no excuses. Let's go to my place and get drunk."

I just found it on the Swiss Television Archives website. It's a portrait about Buke by Claude Torracinta, from may 1986. He spends a day with him in the streets of LA, at the races and at his San Pedro home. Sorry, but the documentary is only with french overdub. In his comments, Torracinta try to present Bukowski as a talented writer and not only as a simple drunk agitator. He explains that he wanted to break the dirty side of Bukowski.

I don't know if it's a "rare document".
if only the french translator were just a wee-bit quieter. other than that, so glad i checked this page. hadn't seen this before. great to finally find out where the toilette photo came from. thanks for sharing.
I've (finally!) managed to store this TV show on my PC and now all of you here can download it from MediaFire.
This FLV file is faulty (sorry!), but I guess nobody has played it (14 downloads and not a single complaint) anyway so no harm was done ;)).
Here's the real deal, a 121 MB RAR archive with an AVI version of the Swiss documentary/TV show, thanks to Hank (hank solo).

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