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...from Entrails #1. This was just reprinted by Inequity Press.

There is a poem that is titled 2-ezra-buk. It is printed exactly as the manuscript was sent. I am convinced that this is really page 2 of a poem and that the poem is not really called 2-ezra-buk. Although it starts out and reads like a complete poem, the 2-ezra-buk in the upper left corner makes me believe that page one is missing. I searched the database for poems that have the name EZRA in it and have ruled out:

Well, Now That Ezra Has Died
Ezra's Pretty Tough
Hey, Ezra, Listen to This
Now, Ezra

Here is the first stanza of this poem as it was published:

tomorrow there will be a letter in the mail
from a man in Denver. he will tell me
that I am very close to
Rimbaud. and he will be

Rimbaud is

My theory is that the full poem was sent to the editor, Gene Bloom, but that somehow page 1 was lost and not published. Page 2 reads as a complete poem, so it is not obvious, unless you have seen a bunch of 2 page Buk manuscripts and know that this is the way that he marks page 2...

Any thoughts? Anyone know where to find the complete poem and put a true name on it?



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I think you're right, Bill. I tried to find the first page of this poem to no avail. It's not in the usual Bukowski collections, so it's probably lost for good.


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...the 2-ezra-buk in the upper left corner makes me believe that page one is missing.
You're right. It's funny, because I was just looking at that in the database over the weekend and had the same thought -- where is page one?

May not be a great loss since his Ezra poems are all the same.

given that the poem wasn't written before Nov 1972, there might be a chance, John Martin has/had a copy of it?

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This is the published version that Bill refers to in the thread. This one is from Entrails Anthology (1967). The issue also has "God" which MJP posted previously in another thread.


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