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“The essential doesn't change.” Beckett
Just saw this on ebay, from Hanging Loose Press, Brooklyn, 1971. According to the experts here how rare is this and what price would you put on it? Ebay has it starting at $34.99. The 2 poems are "a threat to my IMMORTALITY" and "The Garbageman".

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I don't know how rare it is, but I think it would be fair to call it "uncommon." Both poems being collected lessens the value for me, but not everyone thinks that way.
Fair enough. I was just curious, surfing ebay seeing all kinds of pieces i've never come across before. Compared to some here i'm a baby Bukowski reader/collector. Always respect the opinions of those here. Love the above poems too.
I'm selling that one. There are two on Abe -- one cheap and messy with pricey postage, one clean and expensive with cheap postage. Mine is somewhere in between. If you really like it, I'll sell it to you for $25 if it doesn't go on eBay. Which is about $5 more than I paid for it.
Thanks for the offer PM. We'll see how things work out w/ my accountant (the wife). As to Buk stuff besides his actual BSP softcover books and the City Lights books I only have "Long Shot" vol 4 fr 1986 and "Poets of Today: A New America Anthology edited by Walter Lowenfels" second printing fr 1966. Both pretty cool but shitty condition.
I read all the pre-1995 books 20 years ago in my youth, reserving the post-death volumes until later, which have created a lot of good conversations lately. That's probably what most of us did on here. I would recommend to any young person (not you, you old fuck) to just buy cheap copies from whenever and whoever printed the books that appeared prior to 1995. My guess is that the new kids on the block could read 80 percent of his work for under $200. And I think Buk would have liked it that way at this point in time...
Yeah, I'm in the process of finding the BSP versions of some of the older ones i have that are ECCO. Before i was schooled by the Buk fans here I purchased indiscriminately. Also, of the original ones, i don't even have "Play the Piano Drunk...", "Factotum" (did see the movie. Not bad), "Dangling...", and "Pulp", although i did read that. They can be found at Barnes & Noble and/or as ECCO so i skip it. I'd rather wait to stumble upon a BSP copy at an independent store. I have most of the post death releases (at least just to have) but i read "The Continual Condition" from the library and can't get myself to make the purchase. No bite, no clean hard lines in that one, well, not that i noticed.

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