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20 Tanks (Portfolio III), and more rarities... (1 Viewer)

hello all!
a few things up for grabs...

first and foremost is the complete Portfolio III featuring 20 Tanks From Kasseldown (great condition considering age. the broadside itself is in excellent, near mint cond.)...there are 4 available on ABE, from $750 to $900. i'm asking $55o...pictures to come...


also for sale:

-1st British edition of Post Office, hardcover, SIGNED (early signature). 1974 London Magazine Editions. excellent condition. asking $350

-2 by Bukowski, 11/12 review copy signed by John Martin (and NOT by Bukowski). Mint condition. $500

(link below is to get the general info on book, although not the same exact edition)


-Notes of a Dirty Old Man, Essex House Editions, SIGNED. true 1st edition, preceding all City Lights editions. excellent condition. $250.

accepting payment through Paypal. shipping to be determined later....thanks for looking!!! I have a few more books i'm looking to post later tonight, along with pictures...
PS-- I have most all of the Black Sparrow 1st editions, some signed, and if anybody is looking for a specific one to fill a hole in their collection, email me and we can probably work out some kind of deal...no reasonable offer refused! thanks again....James
hello all!
after looking at all of the realized prices that the recent PBA bukowski auction fetched, and seeing that Portfolio III (20 Tanks broadside) went for $325, i'm willing to come down on my price...anyone interested in said item please email me what they are willing to pay and we can go from there....thanks!!!

and don't forget, if there's something you're lookin' for, I just may have it for sale!
And yes...Bukowski fans and Justin Bieber fans MUST be mutually exclusive. If you are a 13-yr old girl, say, and you happen to read, oh...I dunno...Notes of a Dirty Old Man maybe, you are gonna drop Bieber like *that*! (snaps fingers)
James, my comment was actually serious. I'm interested to look at your whole list. Do you have first editions w/ painting or limited editions of the early BSP publications?
And I take back that he's a Justin Bieber fan.
(even though he is, but I don't want to spoil his deals. Oops, I did it again. That - of course - was another mocking-part from my side.)
SIGNED 1st editions for sale: (excellent condition unless otherwise noted)

-mockingbird wish me luck

-love is a dog from hell

-dangling in the tournefortia

-you get so alone...(fair condition)

-roominghouse madrigals with signed print (fair condition)


-last night of the earth poems with signed print

-screams from the balcony with original silkscreen (rust colored spine)

also, septuagenarian stew uncorrected proof, signed

AND, a penguin modern poets, hardcover, SIGNED w little man with bottle drawing!!!

A visitor complains of my disenfranchise (1 of 225 copies, 1987) quite rare


prices, well, make me an offer!

James, could you let us know which editions these are? E.g. is the Mockingbird 1 of 250?
mockingbird, 1 of 250 signed
love is a dog, 1 of 300 signed
dangling, 1 of 350 signed
you get so alone, 1 of 400 signed
roominghouse, 1 of 150 w signed print
Hollywood, 1 of 500 signed
last night of the earth, 1 of 225 w signed print
screams from the balcony, 1 of 300 w signed print
a couple of early poetry mags I just found in my stash that are up for grabs:

Approach #27 from spring 1958, containing the poem "the gypsies near del mar",
and Approach #28, from summer 1958, containing the poem "on seeing an old civil war painting with my love". both near mint condition...make offer!

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