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Yeah, I have one of these (mine's #4/25). It was produced in the mid-eighties by Red at Baroque books with Bukowski's blessing and cooperation. It's a two-sided photocopy on tabloid sized (11x17... not 12x16 as the seller states) paper that has been signed and numbered by Bukowski. That's pretty much all there is to tell.
I saw this listing and asked the seller if this was a copy or an original with the signature. The seller responded that it was an original with the original signature. Wouldn't you think it would be selling for more?
The date is also wrong. The original was printed in 1946, this copy was printed in the 1980's and was signed then by bukowski. The seller is just wrong. Probably honest, but does not really know what he is trying to sell....

The problem with this item is that it is not at all well known nor (AFAIK) is it documented anywhere. It was just a little project that Red and Bukowski did together. It was done cheaply and was not distributed to sellers. The only reason I know a little about it's history is because I got mine from Red and, after a little prodding, got the story from him. I consider it a legitimate release due to Bukowski's involvement, but just barely. If $200.00 is a fair price it's only because of the scarcity of the item, certainly not because of the quality.
I got one from Red too, though the quality is really poor! The xerox toner ws on the way out when I got mine. Red was full of these schemes he once sent me a GIANT enlargement of that nice B&W photo of Buk holding a typer, said he was going to make a poster, worked out too dear though.... Great man Red, miss him...

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