2nd anniversary reading march 9th, PHILA (1 Viewer)

for those of you who missed us last year at the triangle tavern we drank to mark his death we enjoyed discounted drinks we drunkenly read some faves we had a dee jay we are doing it again when i lock down the place i will reappear with more details the more the merrier!
i live 90 miles away...

This isn't the group that had someone dressing up like Bukowski as a zombie is it?

I've never understood why anyone would celebrate the death of someone that they claim to admire. I mean, I'll celebrate the death of Pat Robertson, but not buk. Why not celebrate his birthday? Mid-August is much nicer in Philly anyway.

i'd love to go but i'm too creeped out by his avatar.

looks like an ATM mugshot. or the last thing his victims see as they fade to black...
doing it again this year with 90 percent less zombie zombie was a funny idea zombies were hot last year you dont hear so much about them anymore, but back in 2010, boy howdy....

im thinking wrath of khan this year star treks get in free probably collaborating with a new literary mag in town who needs cash as a fund raiser gonna have a raffle for a "play the piano drunk" advertisent/poster thingamagig that some book collector gave me because he wanted to bang my mom

close to locking down a bar gonnna try to do a BIG thing at the race t4rack on his birfday in august i think we can pit track vs track phila park vs chester vs delaware

theres a band around here that does bukowski lyrics to music that has expressed interest

and to set the record straight i have neither the time nor ambiotion to hype myself by making a new identity so that i can be the king of some small corner of the internet

i think you are fictional this is a public service to fans and alcoholics who want to enjoy a lively night of poetry and who knows what the hell else there were some really interesting young chicks at the literary mag event that will give people my age a heart attack should they do more than smile young and they like adjectives? really? im very excited about potentially having a much better location and more time to pimp this one out last years happened in a fever and it was good verbal fun with a hint of bacchus if this is the wrong place to post notices about such events then i sincerely apologize
im using the same website i started last year which the same name that pissed you all off last year www.zombiebukowski.blogspot.com as a marketing genius i knew zombies were hot but the costume was not my style at all so we wont be revisitng that...people loved it and have been bugging me about round two so we are doing it again with a new added feature that will probably piss you guys off even more... "the most bukowski-est reader" gets to take home the PIG-KOWSKI award.. i really didnt care for him kicking at poor linda in that documentary...
PIG=KOWSKI will go home with the winner to stay at their home for the year and come back out on the next anniversary
why the day of his death?
thats the day they will make the holiday, thats what the post office respects when they close, thats what this country is all about, this all started from a drunken converation in a bar about the need for a holiday for drunks and poets with a dude... why not death? he appeared to be courting it, taunting it, dancing with it.... seems like the perfect day to me which is why we will be singing at midnight on march 8th

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