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$3.5K for the letter? (1 Viewer)

Hey, Bill, can you link to the whole offer, please?

That guy, Thorsten Schwarz, asked me in December last year, if I wanted to buy it for the Buk-Society.
I said, we'd be interested and he should offer a price for negotiations. A little later, he told me, he has put it on ebay now. I was wanting to bid but didn't use sniper-software and there were up to 39 bids, which made it look like a betting-war. So I missed it. It went for 311,- EUR (approx. 395.00 USD today) and I bit my ass off! I would've bought it for that price. But the guy put it on ebay before giving me an opening price. That sucker!

Well, the guy who sells it now for 10 times what he paid is a sucker as well. Who is it?

when he put it on ebay, he blanked out the passage about being a policeman. Maybe he was ashamed about it. Ha!
Thanks mjp.

I've had a look at the other auctions of this guy. It seems, he's specialized in those things.
A prick of course, but a clever prick, who knows his business.

I still wish, I had been able to buy that piece of paper. I wish that more than before.

(I've even written and already sent a sarcastic email to that guy from Andernach, who thought, it was intelligent to rather put that thing on ebay than selling to the Buk-Society. I mean: SARCASTIC. )

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