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3 New Years Greetings Black Sparrow 1983m 1984, 1987 (1 Viewer)

I have these three for sale. Not exactly sure how to price them so I'll start at $350 and you can let me know if I'm out of line. All were purchased by me from the Fountain Valley CA bookstore, Michael might have been the guys name? Been too long to remember clearly, it was in the mid 90's. So only one owner of these and they were kept in a tissue paper cover/plastic bag/small safe for ~ 30 yrs. I can do any payment you want and will ship same or next day. Not exactly sure how the messaging works on this board, I can be emailed at clydethepointeratyahoodotcom.
Well, normally we see listings here that are stupidly priced. But at the risk of pissing off the brethren/sisthren (is sisthren even a word? probably not) here, my opinion is that three lettered copies of these are priced just about right if a bit too low. Now, the copy of One for the Old Boy appears to have sunning damage, but since it's on internal pages, I'm guessing that it's only a photo artifact.

Back in the day when I was buying these (2005-2012), they would probably sell for $100-$150 for numbered/signed and $150-$200 for lettered (but the lettered copies almost never showed up for sale, so I'm speculating). The market isn't something I'm well versed in recently, as I stopped buying collectible Buk in 2015 or so, but everyone seems to think that every book increases in value over time. That's simply not the case. But I'd put these at $400-$450 total. You could always cut us a break since we're a community here. I have these, so I've no conflict of interest; just trying to do right based on some 17 years of collecting knowledge. Best o' luck.

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