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...1, anybody know who the woman in Born Into This is, who says Buk referred to his penis as his purple onion? I mean, it gives her name, but does she figure into any of his books, i.e. Fay in Post Office = Franceye? Or was she just one of his many random Women?

...2, does anybody else find the Michael Cano scene in Born Into This EXTREMELY creepy?

...3, I've finished all of the novels except Hollywood and Pulp, read Pleasures of the Damned, and seen the films Barfly, Factotum, Bellevue Reading, and Buk Tapes 1 and 2 ad infinitum...what would be good to go to next?
1. Liza Williams, isn't it?

So she should be in Women, tho I don't remember the name. And in several short stories as well.
Dee Dee Bronson.

2. No. I like his enthusiasm.

3. The Last Straw (DVD.) I'd go for Dangling in the Tournefortia, heavy underrated poetry book.
1. Yes, it's Liza Williams.

2. Well, his painting is pretty creepy...

3. Maybe try some short stories - South of No North, Notes of a Dirty Old Man or The Most Beautiful Woman... for example.
that is vomitrocious - unless he was trying to paint him turning into the
creature from the black lagoon, then it's brilliant...
3. Read it all. But to actually address your question; you having read most of the novels and only a smattering of poetry, I'll echo some thoughts above:

South of No North - short stories including some of his best compilations
Burning in Water Drowning in Flame - amongst his best poetry compilations and a wide swath of time: '55 - '74.
Dangling in the Tournefortia - as mentioned by PONDER, a great and underrated book

You know, and all of it.
For his late poetry I would recommend, "The Last Night Of The Earth Poems", published in 1992, less than two years before his death.

- And as Purple Stickpin says, "South Of No North", is one of his best compilations of short stories. It's certainly my favorite compilation.
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You seem to be the only one to have seen that painting before.

1. It's not a painting.

2. You play with fire.

3. Re-read nr. 1 & 2.

4. p.s. You imply that the piece
of shit WASN'T on the internet
Which isn't true of course.
Next time, do your homework.

My observation didn't imply anything. I believed you when you told that the masterpiece could be admired on the web, I didn't question this assertion (why would have I questioned it ?). I just read the others' comments which led me to suppose that, contrary to you, this was the first time they saw it.
I realize I was actually wrong : you were not the only one, Hank Solo saw it too since he posted the link. I read his post, then your posts and the others' and, not having Hank Solo's post in mind anymore, thought you were the one who posted the link. I am sorry for this confusion, I will be more attentive in the future.
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