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Sold 3 unpublished "Linda" letters w/ art for sale (1 Viewer)

Okay, okay, not one of th' "famous" Lindas from Women, etc. But pretty awesome, poetic, rambling, touching nonetheless. They include a handbill, an oil painting, and a marker drawing. Neat-o. There may even be stuff on the back, but I've forgotten.

They are not published in any book.

I bought them from th' recipient and framed them in acid-free backing and light-protecting glass.

I am selling them because they sit in the basement, alone, scared of my wife and 4-year-old son.

Please PM me if you're interested! I'm open to any reasonable offers. I'd prefer to sell them all together as a unit. But, whatever, I'm open to all sorts of arrangements. Including trading for vans down by the river.



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the first one is incredible, mjp should quote the introduction on the bukowski.net main site:

„My name is “Hank“. I am Henry Charles Bukowski Jr.
parents dead. I write under Charles Bukowski because
my parents called me “Henry“ and I didn’t like my parents.“

very great stuff ! unfortunaletly I can't afford a treasure like this.
CREEM proposed sending him out on tour with the Stones in 1975? That sounds like something they would have proposed. Ah, what could have been. The culture clash would have been epic, that's for sure.

The letters are good. Not great, content-wise, but not bad. The illustrations help, the signed flyer for the Houston reading helps. Selling them as a group doesn't, but you probably knew that.
I want to read the book he would have written after a few weeks with them...the mind boggles.
This were exactly my thoughts when I read that. Imagine Bukowski on tour with the Rolling Stones. Jesus Christ. The universum would have imploded.

And I bet he would have gone crazy after two or three days on the road with them :D
I have a feeling it would have become like a HST story where he's paid to "report" on something but misses the event entirely and he becomes the story.

Well, at least that's what I hope.
He might have enjoyed hanging out with Keith Richards drinking whisky and doing drugs, not to mention the company of groupies.
I can't imagine that he'd have liked it either. Although maybe if he had a GOOD drunk going on and the potential to get laid if he DID manage to sit through it.
The Rolling-Stone-Magazine once had Andy Warhol go on tour with the Stones to write about it.

Later on he didn't want to write, so they ended up having him meeting Truman Capote and talking with him about all sorts of things with the Stones-tour being among the topics. This became a nice little book.
Just a quick note that these are still available. I got a number of PMs, but for some reason I stopped getting email alerts and so, sorry, for no quick reply. Easiest is to txt or call me at [deleted as they have been sold]. Bottoms up!
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