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Is there a Bukowski poem you've always loved, or a poem you've recently come across, or a poem you think remarkable, for one reason or another?
I thought it might be interesting to compile some poems in the course of a year; poems which are going to be mentioned by you in 2015...

I'd like to start with an uncollected poem (is it still uncollected? I don't know any of the posthumous stuff).
It's one of the great ones I've found somewhere in the depths of this site:

The faces are gnawing at my walls but have not yet come in...
great poem. thanks to you and jason for bringing it up. I'll have to carry on reading a lot more Buk this year before I can submit my entry. for the year. An almost made up poem is a current favourite but ... i'm still reading.
An almost made up poem. Noted.

You're not the only one who is still reading, Nev.
Bukowski was incredibly prolific; even the acknowledged experts come across material they've never read before.

Anybody else who feels like mentioning a poem?
It doesn't have to be one of your all-time favorites.

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