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scans of EPOS, Vol.16, No.4, edited by Will Tullos and Evelyn Thorne (Crescent City: Epos, Summer 1965) featuring the Bukowski poem 4:30AM. While this poem originally appeared in Sciamachy No.6 (Winnetka: Sciamachy, 1964) and was later collected in The Roominghouse Madrigals (Santa Rosa: BSP, 1988), it does not appear as published in Epos either in the Bukowski.net database nor Dorbin, but is listed in Fox's Bibliographical Study...

I don't have either Sciamachy No.6 or The Roominghouse Madrigals on hand, but I'm curious to know if the text is the same in all. Below the Epos mastead, is stated, "Only unpublished manuscripts accepted." Perhaps this is a different poem by the same name?


This is the same poem which appears in Roominghouse... well, almost the same ;)

It's also the same poem which appears in Sciamachy #6... of course, there are quite a few "revisions" here and there. The Sciamachy version begins:

"brother nothing
cooling lowing
the fields rattle..."

I would say that B. reworked it for mag publication and book publication, if you can believe that.
This made me think of something that we haven't really considered in all of these changes. These lit mags, most of them are typed up by someone who is looking at the submitted manuscript. Anyone who has had more than a dozen poems published in these mags can tell you that they often make mistakes, drop lines, change format - so that kind of inadvertent "change" has to be considered too.

We know that Bukowski and Martin made changes for the Sparrow books, but the only way we can be really sure of what Bukowski typed - and get his original intention - is to look at the manuscripts.
I've had editors ask me if they could make "fixes". I usually say yes if it does't mess too much (usually formatting, the way I spell a word [I have an annoyingly pretentious habit of spelling fucking as fucken]), but I always revert to the way I wrote the poem as the original version.
the typos that occur bug me more than someone asking to edit.
B caught a few of those typos by editors and complained about that in several letters. Some of them are listed in Dorbin's biblio.
ah, I did some more googling....
Mr. 1:15 used to post here on this forum under a different name, I won't say which.
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Well, I suppose there is no harm in saying that Mr. 1:15 is Brother Schenker. He and I go way back, and he posted here for a while. I wish he would come back, I liked his posts, and Mr. 1:15 was never a troll. Not as far as I'm aware.

He published a book a while back, out of print now, as far as I know. One of Brother Schenker's quirks was he wrote fucken instead of Fucking, as in it is fucken confusing.

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So, it's like that.
I didn't mean to be cryptic with my "won't say which" comment. and no, Brother Schenker was not a troll.
"my arms spread like a cross" and "roses opening in the smoke" ...

two of my favorite Buk images ever and I owe it all to these scans of EPOS and thank you very much

absolutely loved this poem

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