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5 broadsides - $23,855.11 (1 Viewer)

5 broadside poems. Folio. Each broadside is one of 27 numbered copies signed by the author (of a total edition of 30). Publisher John Martin remembers giving many of the broadsides away to random visitors in a time when Bukowski was virtually unknown. A fine, complete set of these rare Bukowski broadsides, which comprise five of the first six titles published by the Black Sparrow Press (Morrow & Lafourcade 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6). Early Bukowski and, at this late juncture, virtually unobtainable. Housed in a custom-made chemise and clamshell box. Bookseller Inventory # 21169


Any takers?

Something less laughable is the Louis McKee archive including publications and correspondence from many poets, incl. CB: http://www.abebooks.co.uk/servlet/BookDetailsPL?bi=2847113330&searchurl=kn=charles+bukowski&sortby=1
They'd be a snip at that price - they're actually $37500.00 USD. Your quote was in GBP ;-)

No sale.
You'd think for that kind of money, the dealer could add a photo, huh? Also, if I was listing it, I'd include the names of the poems. But then, I guess anyone about to spend that kind of dough already knows what they are, or will look it up, or it doesn't matter -- it's THOSE poems.
i've bought some really reasonably priced books from joseph the provider before (the guy who owns it now is named lee something), including a signed hardcover trade first of war all the time for $200, and a signed hardcover trade first of hollywood for $160. but yes, the pirce for that set of broadsides is a little steep.
Decades ago, the original owner of Joseph the Provider put out catalogs with very nice rare books listed, mostly literary first editions, I think, but they were always at sky high prices -- never any bargains. I guess the business model changed with time and/or a new owner.

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