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Someone mentioned Big Donuts. There's not just one: there are (or were) a bunch of big donuts scattered around the LA area. I once made a book of photographs of them, a small, self published Xeroxed edition. I scouted out every donut shop I could find with a big donut on top and ran around, taking pictures of them with a cheap shit plastic camera I bought in a thriftstore for 39 cents.

Ah, I've been through this thread and missed this. My dad has been a delivery guy all throughout all these areas for, well he says 35 years. You don't by chance still have copies of your xeroxed edition of big donuts do ya? My dad loved big donuts, was there all the time. Man how I heard about it when they showed it in an Iron Man trailer and some other end of the world movie where they showed big donuts? Anyway, rekrab, that would be really cool to see.


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nervas: I've thought about reprinting my Big Donuts photo book -- the original edition was very limited -- and the timing would have been great had I done it to coincide with the release of IRONMAN 2 (I knew about the donut scene in it long ago -- my wife's a Downey fan), but I've been so busy with my sillyass life the opportunity came and went. Still, I ought to reissue it. The photos were Xeroxed in the book so the quality was poor. I could do back to the original black and white glossies and do it right, although the irony would be that the originals themselves are low quality, due to the crappy plastic lens on the thriftstore camera I used. Thanks for reminding me that I should do this. If/when I do, I'll announce it here on the Forum.


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Cool. I would probably add some text so it's more than just the photos. I'd love to give the technical specs on the cheap plastic camera but it's long gone. Thriftstores don't seem to sell those 39 cent cameras any more -- at least the ones I go to don't. They used film size 127 (I think). As much as I love digital photography (so clear, so cheap, and you can edit the hell out of the images), I miss chemical photography. It had soul. But I still have a bunch of old film cameras and maybe some day when I'm finally really retired I'll mess around with them, set up a dark room again, etc.


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Never noticed until now that they got the dates wrong. It was 1964 to 1973.

Ah well, history schmistory!


At least they got the span right.
Besides, we was "poet and novelist," not the other way round.
As David already had said.

I wonder if Bukowski knew that his long-time residence was in a street named after a French painter of flowers (?!?).
I didn't.
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Glad to see that the local politicians followed through on their promise to make his DeLongpre address a cultural landmark. Why would the sign not be there for long? It will stand for 1,000 years. It will stand through the centuries. This is Bukowski we're talking about here.
A couple more from yesterday. From different angles.

...I’ve got a week off from the j-o-b this coming week after next. I’m driving my ass around El Lay to a few of Bukowski’s old haunts. I’m hoping that chair is still there so I can drink a few Heinekens after I take some pics. Do you think I’ll make it through a six pack before I get kicked out? ?


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You never know. Plenty of people say things like that and really mean them, so I can't assume. No worries.
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