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$600.00!! (1 Viewer)


Saw this on ABE. Sweet myth of Jesus!

btw I think the sig. is probably legit. But six bills for that is dreaming.
No, that sig is not at all like any sig I've ever seen or owned, which spans '63-'94, and it doesn't look anything like "loaded signatures," and I've seen several. I can't say for absolute sure it's not genuine, and I'm not in a position to have to ask for mjp's attorney to represent me (I don't care for the mustache), but I wouldn't buy it for $100.

You need to look more closely at the signature attributes on genuine items. But we can't post the details between fake and real here b/c it gives the @#$%^&^%$#@ more ammo.
"Charles" doesn't look too odd to me, but "Bukowski" doesn't come anywhere near other examples I've seen, and the big fancy flourish underneath is just weird.
I do phone browse. Is that unusual?
It's probably not unusual these days, no. It's just one of those things I never "got." I can't thumb type and I can't see anything on a phone even if I could type. We have Kindle Fire and a Google Nexus tablets, and they're a little better (actually, I love them), but they still feel a little claustrophobic to me. Even though they have 7" screens.

But I know that the mobile traffic on the main Bukowski site is up to 40%, so the writing is on the wall. This forum is being upgraded in the next couple of weeks and part of that upgrade is a new mobile theme. So now you phone monkeys can make forum posts while you're waiting at red lights.
I love my kindle fire as it's almost idiot proof. Almost. My newest phone is always my wife's old phone.

Thanks to the Trinity for the avatar straightening.
My daughter dropped our only Nexus in the bath a couple of weeks ago, I heard a scream, went running through, she sneaks it in there all the time, balancing it on the edge amazingly the picture stayed but the sound went, a couple of days ago, she dropped it coming down the stairs - and the sound came back, it's er, a miracle!
If you tend to drop your small electronics into water here's a tip: shake out as much of the water as you can, then seal the thing in a ziplock bag full of rice for a day or two. The rice draws the moisture out and prevents the insides from corroding, and 9 times out of 10 will rescue the device.
I didn't think that needed saying, but I suppose it's good that you said it.
Hmm, maybe this says something about the demographic make-up of this forum? Just saying. :oo

BTW, I just discovered the "emoticon" option - after several years - laziness or haste, I suppose. But I do promise not to overuse them - I know they can become irritating. I actually created a few "emoticons" of my own. Here's one of them...

did somebody say wine.png
The rice draws the moisture out and prevents the insides from corroding, and 9 times out of 10 will rescue the device.
Thanks for the tip.The loss of sound didn't bother me since I only use it for the kindle app, but we were happy it came back. Will know what to do if there's a next time.

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