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I just looked and there have been over 64,000 posts on this forum. I'm not sure how many people out there would have ever imagined how dynamic a forum this would become. I know that I did not think that it would be THE place that it has become.

I see 66,678. ;)

I've said before that I expected to be in here by myself for a long time, but it didn't quite work out that way.

We're small, by big forum standards, but I think the value lies in the quality of the information in so many of the posts. And the quality of many of the posters, of course. That's why it's become a destination of sorts.

That, and my personality and charm. Don't discount those.
I'll settle for that.

I think my quality post average (or QPA in the parlance) is about .005. But I'll take that too.
I just come here because I like to sniff bindings and you guys are the experts.CRB:)

CRB, you know damn well you come here for a good laugh and the camaraderie.

This is a very pleasant destination with hundreds of friendly knowledgeable people. (wow this sounds like a really high polished infomercial, now how much will you pay?) I love it here, it's the people.

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