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Does anyone have more information on 7 Poets Press or James Singer or Carl Larsen?
I cannot seem to find contacts for any of these people/publishers online ... ANYWHERE!
Anything helps!
All 7 poets died in a horrible monorail crash on their way to a reading back in 1978. Not even dental records could identify the remains... Conspiracy theories have consumed this forum for years, so if you could just drop this nonsense, we'd all really appreciate it.
Sorry to bring up something so contentious ...
I am purely looking to contact the estate holder for the publishing house with a copyright question
I think you're confusing sarcasm with contention. If anyone knows anything they'll post it here, but you have to realize that it's a long shot.
There's not much that I've been able to find on 7 Poets Press and Carl Larsen's other publishing, but here's what I've been able to piece together:

His first little magazine titled Existaria was published in Southern California (Hermosa Beach), ran for 7 issues in the mid to late 50s, and was a model for E.V. Griffith's own little magazine Hearse. His second periodical was rongWrong, and was published quarterly for 5 issues in New York in the early 60s and was co-edited by James Singer under the 7 Poets Press imprint. At this time, 7 Poets Press also started issuing chapbooks -- I think there were seven or eight in all. Also, in the early 60s was the periodical Brand X, which seems to have been modeled after Floating Bear, and ran for 12 issues each month in 1962...
Good detective work. If he's up to the task, our good friend Bill Roberts (Bottle of Smoke Press) might be able to provide a little more info for you -- he's well connected in the small press world.
Verdant Press is Jason Davis ("jason" on this forum). I know a lot about a few small presses. Jason knows a LOT about a Lot of small Presses. The only other person that I know that may have a lot of good knowledge on the subject is Bukowski editor Abel DeBritto. He probably has researched them at universities while researching Bukowski...
Carl Larsen was my dad. He passed away last year. He was still in touch with Jim Singer, who as far as I know is still living and reachable via Facebook. Feel free to ask me any questions you might have about my dad, I'm happy to share any information I might have.

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