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Watching that vid makes me wonder how the hell you keep all your fingers. Won't share how I'd spend my 9 days of vacation (Mushroom might be reading) but I can at least contribute to Bill's fucked up way of spending his. ;))
Not gonna lie, when I got the email yesterday about this and read it the first thing that came to mind was " You have got to be fucking kidding me, " followed by "...well it is Bill, so I guess it's possible, maybe." The next thing I know my finger scrolls over to the pledge button, and officially support your insanity. And Stavrogin, we'll see if all 10 of his fingers are still there after those nine days pass.
Be careful, Bill! The third day of a marathon kitchen floor installation project, I was so tired and rope-a-dope, I disconnected the stove without shutting off the power. It has a hot, wired connection, not a plug (I later fixed that). I was damned lucky. There was a huge flash and pop, and the tip of my screwdriver melted. Somehow I wasn't electrocuted. I dread to think of you in the final days of this, working that C&P, your fingers no match for heavy steel.
I'll print the covers in day one and two and maybe three and will print them on a Vandercook Press. Then I can spend the next 6 days getting the insides laser printed, bind the 900 books and make the 10 clamshells...

The worst thing may be that I stick my self with a needle when i am sewing these. Also, I'll probably print a few extra goodies on the last days on the C&P, but I'll be careful!

Funding is going very well. My plan is to use any extra money (and time) to push myself to bump it up a notch. More details later and some surprises will just show up with the books.... The goal, of course, is to always give more than was expected.

Just thinking through some ideas....

We are FUNDED! Thanks to all who helped on this. Anyone can still sign up for this until October 8th and get in on the special deals. Any titles that are not presold through Kickstarter will be made available through my website at a bit higher price.

I placed the order for a new printer to be used just for this job (text) and picked out a lot of amazing colors of Canson Mi-Teintes paper for the covers. I also have a great paper for the text picked out.

Things are moving right along.

Thanks again!

I got a black only laser printer. I have a color laser here, but when I am doing text only, it is much cheaper and better to use the black only. If I have a small area that needs color, I can always run it through that color printer and just print that area in color. I also have a wide format Epson Stylus Photo 1400.

My problem lately is that I replaced the fuser on the color laser, but the sheets are coming out with muddiness on the back of the page. This could be because I bought gereric toner last time. Buying official HP toner for my color laser is about $700, while you can get refilled toners at $200. I am not sure if I need to replace the fuser again, or replace the toner, but neither one is a great option...

Two days and two hours left to sign on thru Kickstarter:


Authors announced are:

  • Soheyl Dahi - Always Love Always War (poetry)
  • Henry Denander (watercolors)
  • Jack Hirschman (arcanes)
  • Rebecca Schmujda - From Seed to Sin (poetry) w/art by Hosho McCreesh
  • Scott Wannberg w/ foreword by S.A. Griffin (poetry)
  • F.N. Wright (poetry)
  • Joseph Ridgwell - The Tsanta Expedition (Short Story)
  • Marvin Malone - Plains Poems (Poetry & Art)
  • To Be Announced shortly

I just received all of my cover stock today. I am working on finalizing the layouts, selections, etc. The covers are coming along nicely too. I can only plan them out now, no printing anything yet (I need to plan to buy some printing plates, so these have to be ordered).

These are gonna be quite something, especially as a set. Lots of work, lots of work...

I just closed my eyes and clicked for the full HB set. One thing I'm not sure of, which is probably on the site but I'm lazy, is when the payment goes through? At the moment the dollar to sterling exchange rate is ok, but if this doesn't go through until later that may change. Anyone know anything about that?

Edit: Ok, just got a confirmation email clearing that up! (it will be charged tomorrow). Impatient bastard I am.
Here is the final offering for the 9 in Nine project. Some titles are already sold out in hardcover. Anyone who signed up through Kickstarter or emailed me is set.

Soheyl Dahi - Always Love Always War (Poetry)
Henry Denander - POETraits (Art), with Foreword by Samuel Charters
Jack Hirschman - 2 Arcanes (Poetry)
Marvin Malone - Plains Poems (poetry and art) - The hardcover is sold out.
Thurston Moore - Lion (Poetry) - Cover illustration by Coco Hayley Gordon Moore. The signed hardcover is sold out.
Joseph Ridgwell - The Stanta Expedition (Short Story) - Cover Illustration by Marc Snyder
Rebecca Schumejda - From Seed to Sin (Poetry) - Illustrated by Hosho McCreesh
Scott Wannberg- All Your Misplaced Utopias (poetry)
F.N. Wright - The City of New Orleans (Poetry)

I still also have a couple full sets of hardcovers and exactly 2 clamshell editions left.

Paperback $5
Hardcover $20
Set of all 9 hardcovers $180
Clamshell Edition $325

The madness odyssey begins tonight at midnight.
Bill, from now on you'll be known as, "The 9 Horse" (Buk poem). :)
Good luck with the project!
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So far I have printed, folded & collated 4 of the 9 books. I also printed the first two colors of the covers (the Marc Snyder image for Ridgwell's book and the woodcut image for Marvin Malone's cover.)

Still lots to do.

Here are the first three covers that are done. I'll get the next 5 done tomorrow if I am lucky. Two covers are already printed in one color, so I'll just need to print one more color to get them complete...

These are the paperback copies in dust jacket.


three books.jpg



Scotts is printed from a photo polymer plate. The plate was converted to black from a photo of Scott. Behind Scott is airbrush painted so that all covers are slightly. It is pretty tough to see on that photo, but they pop in person.

It is the first time that I have done a cover exactly like this. I sprayed a cover using stencils and objects for a book by Jack Hirchman that was published by Sore Dove.

It sounds cool. I want to see that in person. I only contributed enough to get one book, but I can see I'll need to order some of the others later.
Here are 8 of the nine. There is actually a 10th book, but it is outside of the set. That book is Damian Michaels' The Odd Man Out. We just have to print the book by Hirschman and then all the printing is done. I have done a lot of folding, collating, sewing, but there is still much to do... Here are the paperbacks...

8 books.jpg

Here are all 10 books, you'll notice that the one that is all red has not been printed yet.

10 books.jpg
A 10th book ?!?!?!?!? You truly are insane, Bill. I'm going to have to order that Marvin Malone paperback after the fact, maybe a couple others. Is that Chewy in the lower right corner, or do I just have Star Wars on the brain?
Okay, it's Chewbacca's shrunken head.

You do amazing work, Bill, and your industriousness puts everyone else to shame.

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