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Hi, how’s it going? I've been working for the Postal Service for the past 13 years. It began as a mistake. In my spare time focusing on my small cassette label called Lynx Rufus Recordings. I was seeing if anyone has any information regarding the copyright of Bukowski audio recordings? Contact information for Linda Bukowski? I’m interested in doing a reissue of “ 90 Minutes In Hell” on cassette tape. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.



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There's no direct line to Linda for things like this. Even if you did get it to her directly, it's unlikely she'd respond to your request.

Your best bet would be to go through the publisher, HarperCollins/Ecco.
Ok, thank you.

I have a copy of “ Hello. It’s good to be back” on vinyl. The poem “ Hot”, is about working at the post office. Do you know if there are any other Post Office related audio recordings?

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