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90 Minutes in Hell (1 Viewer)

Hello ~ I just became aware of this great site.

My Bukowski love goes back to the mid-70s and I have a few rare items I'm going to be putting on eBay within the next few weeks.
It was suggested that it would be good to let this community know about the vinyl.

I am the original owner of 90 Minutes in Hell. It was recently checked out by local record store owners who told me the vinyl was VG
I see there is a thread on the site which has the track list and some other details which might be useful to anyone considering purchasing.

Asking 350. More photos or info on request. I have a 100% eBay rating as sside04 (121)

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I sold a near mint copy of that a couple of years ago for $250, so $350 for VG might be pushing it. But it's not like there are a lot of copies out there for sale (I couldn't find any at the moment), so who knows.

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