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Usually wrong.
Here's one to lose sleep over: a friend of a friend has a box full of signed Bukowski books, gathered when she co-owned a bookstore in the 70s. Not in plastic bags, just in a box in her garage. I told my friend to tell her friend to get them into the house immediately before they get ruined, although they probably already are mildewed and smelly. I've offered to sell them for her. I'll announce it here is she takes me up on the offer.
Ouch. You are probably right about their condition now. A garage isn't a good place to store anything that isn't mostly metal. Non-corroding metal. Rust never sleeps, kids.
She knows Buk is big time but she's not particularly into him, and I haven't heard any titles yet, except the magic words Loujon Press. I'm hoping for multiples there. I know the bookstore in guestion (read there many times) and they had a stash of Crucifix. Also, they had various issues of the Sampler. No idea what else she gathered. I've asked for details. I'll keep you guys posted.

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