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I have a pdf copy of a new all Bukowski catalog, issued by a book dealer friend of mine in Berkeley. Send me your email address and I'll send you a copy. I tried to upload it here, but the 656 KB exceeds the file size limit...
what's the special value of a lettered copy??? I just noticed that my hardback, signed edition of Pulp has a hand-printed red "G" letter at the end, below the "credits". I haven't noticed it before. What does it mean???
Lettered copies are worth more than numbered copies because there are fewer of them, i.e, only 26 lettered but as many as 100 or more numbered. Bear in mind that the only difference in the books themselves is that there is a red letter instead of a red number on the colophon page and the spine cloth is a different color. The contents are exactly the same. Also, don't forget that in addition to lettered copies, there might also be Presentation Copies, which are worth more than the lettered copies. It's all quite maddening and nonsensical, but believe me, you can get caught up in it fairly easily. Criteria, the going rate on your lettered copy of Pulp seems to be about $550, but the numbered edition can be found for about half that.
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thanks, nymark. I'm sure the guy who gave me book didn't know anything about numbererd, lettered or Presentation copies.

and thanks for calling me Criteria :D
yeah, me too.

cirerita is catalán word for "little cherry".

anyway, I just remembered that the guy who gave me the copy was Michael Conelly, the writer. He also signed me a few of his own books. In fact, I have quite a few books dedicated/signed by James Ellroy, Noah Gordon, Lou Marinoff, etc.

Those books were given to me, I never asked them! In fact, I don't dig Conelly or Gordon, but, you know, I couldn't say: "Listen, man, I don't want you to sign those books for me".
You did the right thing in accepting the books. James Ellroy use to have great inscriptions. He would write these violent riffs and then sign his name, but now he just writes his name. Here's a few juicy inscriptions currently on the market:

Blood Of The Rabid Pit Bull - James Ellroy
Murder, guilt, love and redemption, the early 1950's and urban poetry. James Ellroy
The dark 1950's breathe fire! Let the flames singe your soul. James Ellroy.
Death rules, love schools, sleaze cools.!!- James Ellroy

I just e-mailed Jeff,...
And he is more than accomodating.
I asked for a catalog-in-my-hands copy
(Not a Lexmark spit-out, I hate my computer)
And he said no problem.
My Thomas Dorn catalog is getting worn.....

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