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Title says it all - Is there a particular line or phrase from Buk's work that has sustained you through some rough times ? Something you rely on like a mantra ? Maybe this has been asked before but it doesn't seem like I'm going to remember it if it were before 3 in the morning, so.. anyway - I would be embarassed if I repeated these two lines in more than one thread but bear with me as I recall :

"natural guts defeating natural talent" ( from The Worst and The Best )


"in tiny rented rooms
i was struck by miracles" ( from "Me And Faulkner )


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"it's not the large things that
send a man to the

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I tend to paraphrase the opening of Post Office when I see someone at work and they ask me what I'm still doing here (wherever here is)? I'm always replying "it's a mistake".
Although I've altered a bit from the script, "It's not that I hate people, I just feel much better when they're not around..."


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