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"So fuck Doubleday Doran"
A Bukowski bedtime story

Back in 1986, my mother, believing that I at five years old was getting too old to listen to her read something as childish as the Brothers Grimm for my bedtime story, decided that it was time that I started listening to her read some Bukowski instead. It was summertime, and I was hot, but I was wearing footie pajamas anyway because I positive that the boogie-guy under the bed would capture me if my feet were exposed. The first Bukowski work I encountered (via my mother) was Ham on Rye. My mother serialized it of course, spreading it out over many nights. Both the Brothers Grimm and Ham and Rye were rife with abusive parenting, but I knew that the Brothers Grimm was fake and that Ham on Rye was real. Maybe too real for a little kid -- I told my mom that I would help Henry Chinaski beat up his dad is she would just take me to Los Angeles, not that I knew what "Los Angeles" was at the time.


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