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I recently printed a bookmark under the Bottle of Smoke Press imprint. It is letterpress printed on Canson Mi-Teintes paper, which matches the paper that was used for her recent BoSP book. These are limited to circa 120 copies unsigned and 30 signed and numbered by Carol.

It looks somewhat, if not EXACTLY, or at least kinda somewhat nearly exactly like this:


You may ask yourself, "Self, how do I get this cool bookmark, from this amazing artist and how much is it gonna cost me?" Well, Self, it will cost you NOTHING. Well kinda nothing.

There are three options:

1) Go HERE and buy one that is signed and numbered directly from the artist for $4

2) Buy any book by Carol Es from Carol, Bottle of Smoke Press or Chance Press and get a free bookmark (unsigned.)

3) Wait until these are all gone and very expensive on the secondary market and then go HERE.

All best,

p.s. If you already have all of Carol's books, then this would be the perfect time to get that signed one directly from Carol and complete your collection.
See? I always told them... They said, "You're stupid by being too poor to afford these great books!"

And I said, "Yeah well you guys are assholes."

And now who's right?

Erm... I mean, I just got my tax refund and have to go support some small press people!

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