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I was just reading David Barker's bibliographic price guide and in the Appendix he mentions the infamous "A Charles Bukowski Album". I had completely forgotten about this one. Barker says: "The existence of this rarity [an offprint bound in paper wrappers with poems lated published in Outsider #1] is only hearsay, and cannot be confirmed". But he wrote that 23 years ago, well before the Internet age. I guess some info may have surfaced later on.

Has anyone actually seen a copy of this?
I've never seen one but it's in Krumhansl's bibliography as entry #6. It also includes a photo of the cover.
I've searched high and low and have never seen one. It obviously exists because I've seen photos as well, but I don't expect one will turn up on eBay or anywhere else anytime soon.
our dear friend Krumhansl says:
Note: Not seen: description furnished by Jeffrey Miller. The copy in Don Klein's collection has "John William Corrington, Baton Rouge -1961-" in holograph on verso of front cover and the title page is signed by Bukowski.

AS it turns, this is the only "not seen" item in the biblio. According to the description, it seems to be a photograph. However, Barker says it contained some of the poems later reprinted in Outsider #1.

Who's Don Klein? :rolleyes:
Don Klein is a collector in, if I remember correctly, Michigan. Many years ago I exchanged a few e-mails with him because I had a some questions regarding collectibles. He has a significant trove of Bukowski material. Aaron Krumhansel paid a visit to him while compiling the biblio and I believe many of the photos in the book are items in his collection.
Scanned from Krumhansl

Can anyone update me -- what is the current thinking on this? Is it a legitimate preprint, or something made after the fact? And who made it: the publisher or someone else? I've been on a desert island for 20 years...

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