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A couple Bukowski items, an HST item... (1 Viewer)


Sad Flower in the Sand
I said months ago I was going to list these, but... well here they are finally, if anyone's interested.

Reach for the Sun First Ed HC:

Beerspit Night And Cursing First Ed HC:

The Woody Creeker Issue Summer/Fall 2006 (contains short story Fire In The Nuts):

That last one is probably overpriced, but I figured... Maybe I'll catch a lucky break (especially because the cheapest on Abe is... $125? REALLY?)
That Woody Creeker looks good (as do the Buks, of course) I'm just getting into HST and enjoying his insane genius.
The Woody Creeker is a nice piece, but I found I was just keeping it for the story which I now have a scan of... someplace. If it doesn't sell, feel free to make me an offer. :p

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