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A couple Bukowski items, an HST item... (1 Viewer)


Sad Flower in the Sand
I said months ago I was going to list these, but... well here they are finally, if anyone's interested.

Reach for the Sun First Ed HC:

Beerspit Night And Cursing First Ed HC:

The Woody Creeker Issue Summer/Fall 2006 (contains short story Fire In The Nuts):

That last one is probably overpriced, but I figured... Maybe I'll catch a lucky break (especially because the cheapest on Abe is... $125? REALLY?)


Usually wrong.
That Woody Creeker looks good (as do the Buks, of course) I'm just getting into HST and enjoying his insane genius.


Sad Flower in the Sand
The Woody Creeker is a nice piece, but I found I was just keeping it for the story which I now have a scan of... someplace. If it doesn't sell, feel free to make me an offer. :p

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